The Place Beyond The Pines.

Besides having Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.. (Ladies relax) this film shared a great insight of what death can do to a family. The film followed Goslings character who was part of what he likes to call a ‘biker boy band’. With much of Goslings characters struggles upon comes to him a son he had never met. In order to support him Goslings character takes up a life of a bank robber. Cooper who plays a loyal police officer in the film shoots and kills Goslings character during a heist. The film thereafter captures the aftermath of the event and the effect it had on Goslings characters son, baby mother and how the event had negatively impacted Coopers character and his sons. Yes. The film is exactly what it sounds like.. A beautiful capture of family, law and struggle. Director Derek Cianfrance said that he wanted to capture the legacy and make the story linear, I think he done this brilliantly and was the right choice in comparison to Blue Valentine where there was a more cross cut story line. He said he chose this technique in comparison to the one he chose in Blue Valentine to really capture the effects gun violence has. Finally I though i’d give a real life comparison to this movie and I thought instantly the Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case; simply because of the police violence that lead to the death of somebody and the true consequences and effects that would have on both individuals families lives in the future.


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